What do meniscus do?

The menisci located between the two bones serve as a seal to protect the articular cartilage from abnormal loading. The string is very important in transporting and transporting incoming loads. They also increase the compatibility of joint faces and contribute to the intra-articular circulation of the joint fluid. In the absence of meniscus, the loads that come to the knee joint lead directly to the articular cartilage, leading to premature wear, ie osteoarthritis.

How do meniscus ruptures occur?

The occurrence of meniscus tears is different in young people and older people. In young people, a very serious trauma is needed to tear the meniscus. This usually occurs during the rotational movement on the fixed foot. Examples are the tears that occur in sports such as football, basketball and skiing. Over the years, menisci are losing their strength and flexibility and become üs degenerate Yıl. Degenerate meniscus can be teared off much more easily. In older people, meniscus ruptures may occur with a simple crouching or roping. External meniscus is more active than internal meniscus, so inner meniscus tears are more common.

What are the symptoms of meniscus tears?

Menisküs yırtığının şematik görünümü
Schematic view of meniscus tear

Patients often feel a sudden pain stinging or tearing, while meniscal tears occur. The pain is more pronounced in the inner or outer part of the knee, depending on which meniscus is torn. Within a few hours, swelling occurs in the knee joint due to fluid or blood collection in the knee. Usually it is possible to press on the injured index, but there are limbs and athletes usually have to leave the sport. If the injury is severe, meniscus tears may also be accompanied by fractures of the knee joint or by lateral ligaments. In this case, knees may also develop symptoms such as insecurity and feeling of emptiness. Sometimes the ruptured meniscus fragment is squeezed between the bones that form the knee joint, preventing knee movement. Known as locked knee As time passes, the common pain in the knee decreases and becomes dotted over the corresponding meniscus. Pain occurs especially during sudden turns and squatting.

What are the treatment options for meniscus tears?

The directory is the first choice repair in meniscus ruptures to perform their most important tasks for long-term health. The biomechanics of the whole body are controlled and the knee is corrected if there is a biomechanical problem. Muscle and connective tissues are balanced. Generally, problems in mild tears and joint wear can be solved due to problems.