curvature of the spine

curvature of the spine

Waist shift, the spine bone system that carries us to compress the lost spinal cord on each other, is a common disorder. Frequent numbness during walking may cause numbness in the legs, burning sensation, unhealthy incontinence, loss of sexuality, inability to walk, not feeling the waist down.

One of the most effective methods of moving waist slippage is to stabilize the waist with titanium screws and prevent it from slipping. Further advanced waist shifts may require screw surgeries. The direction of waist slippery, symptoms, weight, age, other ssebeblerla treatment according to the direction is drawn. The important thing is to make the right diagnosis at the right time.

Reasons for Waist Shift

Congenital, heavy births, falls, accidents, the bone structure is very high in the hernia, advanced bone resorption, advanced age, muscle weakness are the causes of waist shift.

Symptoms and Treatment Approaches

Difficulty in walking, all symptoms of hernia, the desire to stop frequently while walking, drowsiness in the legs, frequent cramps, night waking leg burns are signs of lumbar slippage. If the movement of the waist is motionless, the operation will be useful, but physiotherapy, manual therapy or chiropractic treatment and exercise will be useful.

Waist Shift Surgery

In the operation, titanium screws are placed in order to prevent sliding around the patient’s lumbar spine. These screws stay in the patient for life.

Treatment Plan

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