Causes of neck flattening

Causes of neck flattening

Flattening of the neck, the most common problem in the neck is the flattening of the axle formed by the excessive tension of the muscles in the neck. The neck, normally in the form of a letter C, takes the form of a straight line.

What are the symptoms of neck flattening?

When the neck is flat, two of the four veins leading to the brain (vertebral arteries) are stretched and there is not enough blood to the brain, headache, dizziness, nausea, forgetfulness, unbalance in later stages, imbalance, lack of concentration, severe susceptibility and unwillingness occur. Strain of the muscles and spinal cord, neck and back pain, neck hernia, pain and numbness, toothache, gingival recession, tinnitus, throat problems, fibromyalgia (muscle rheumatism), stubborn painful pain may occur

How is the diagnosis of neck flattening?

Neck flattening – The best methods for the diagnosis of neck flattening are physical examination and MRI. MRI also determines the extent to which the disease progresses.

What is the treatment of neck flattening?

One of the most effective treatments for neck flattening is Manual therapy, osteopathy and chiropractic (chiropractic) therapy and Dorsal mesotherapy.

reduce the risk.

What are the problems if neck flattening is not treated?

If the flattening of the neck is not treated, the headaches become more frequent and the pain-relieving drugs become unresponsive. Continuous neck tension provides the ground for neck hernia, drowsiness and weakness in the arms. Problems such as imbalance and walking difficulties, inability to perform fine skills occur. Antidepressant use may begin.

What should we pay attention to in order to prevent neck flattening?

To prevent neck flattening, we must first stay away from stress and distress. The tension in our work, in our family life, first disparages our neck. We should not spend all our time in busy work tempo, and we should also spend time on our hobbies, activities we enjoy. It is also very inconvenient to carry heavy loads, carry loads with one arm, reach up, stay still for a long time, go out with wet hair, ventilator, stand in front of air conditioner and stand in places with air drafts. To lie face down, sitting on the side of the seat in the lounge side of the TV to watch TV, exercise – pilates, such as the flexibility of motion techniques should be directed.

Night tooth squeeze can also make back and neck pain.

Strengthening neck muscles after pain