Why are Back Pain and How is it treated?

Back pain is caused by stretching the muscles on both sides of the spine.

Neck flattening, neck hernia, neck area problems can also cause back pain.

Stress is the most important reason for stretching muscles. When we go into stress, our neck muscles are stretched first. As a result of this strain, our neck spine resembles the letter C, the outflow of the nerves leading to the shoulder and back becomes narrower, and the nerves remain under pressure. With this pressure, the muscles on the back are stretched. That’s why we feel pain. The muscles remain stretched for a long time cause muscle pellets. In other words, it causes the formation of fibrositis in medicine. These fibrosis can also cause pain in the slightest fatigue, heavy lifting, prolonged stay under the air conditioner or ventilator.

Structure of the Back

Functional structure of the back; The twelve vertebrae are composed of facet joints at the back, pillows called the disc between the vertebrae, and spinal nerves emerging from the holes in the back. Back spine movements; Because of the thoracic cage, the neck and waist are less than the spine movements.

Is it possible to get rid of back pain? What Should We Do to Get Rid of Back Pain?

  1. First, the cause of our pain should be determined. Pain should be determined whether it is caused by neck, back muscles, or any other disease. It should be remembered that lung diseases, gall bladder and stomach disorders can also cause pain in the back. The diagnosis is made primarily by physical examination, listening to complaints (unfortunately listening to the patient actively is often neglected and directed to the wrong results) and then by MR, CT and direct radiography.
  2. Then it comes to loosening the back muscles. This relaxation is most effectively done by physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and manual therapy. In addition, fibrositis should be detected and removed one by one. Mesotherapy, ozonotherapy and neural therapy may also be useful for this purpose.
  3. Treatment should be tried to be eliminated along with the stressors. If possible, making changes in the factors that cause stress in the patient’s life, going on vacation, spending more time on hobbies and especially physical activity (pilaes, stretching exercises, yoga, etc.) are very useful. If these changes are not enough, it would be helpful to get the help of a psychiatrist or psychologist.
  4. It is necessary to avoid some movements during and after all these treatments. Instead of leaning forwards or sideways when you take something from the ground, crouching upwards instead of reaching for something and seeing our business reduces the risk of back pain. In addition, constantly changing the position, so if we are doing a long-term work to go around half an hour at the same time, to avoid standing in the same place, watching television or reading the newspaper to rest our back and head should be careful to choose the seats. Not lying face down, not watching the TV by placing our head on the armrest. Night teeth can squeeze back and neck pain.