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Neck pain Being treated is not as difficult as you think. 
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Your headaches and migraine attacks can be stopped! 
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Get rid of your pain with manual therapy!

Manual therapy; has been successfully applied for many years in the treatment of many diseases related to muscle and joint system. In particular: lumbar hernia, waist shift, neck hernia, neck flattening, joint problems and pains, muscle tearing, frozen shoulder, elbow and wrist nerve jerks, dislocation of the hip, pain after prosthesis, heel spurs, foot disorders, meniscus and cross-link tears, headache and migraine, fibromyalgia, stubborn grief pain.

What is Manual Therapy?

It is only a manually applied treatment without using any device or machine.
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What is chiropractic?

It is a profession adopted by the World Health Organization and implemented in 89 countries.
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What is Osteopathy?

It is a treatment method that tries to solve the problem by determining the source of the pain.
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Treatment of hernia without surgery

If the patient’s complaints persist despite resting and muscle relaxant medication in the hernia, manual therapy, osteopathy and chiropractic treatment may benefit. The duration of treatment may vary from one to three weeks depending on the response to treatment.

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The opinions of our patients

Scenes where my profession takes place, although strenuous and educated, although strenuous scenes. Hüseyin Oğuzhan Söylemez ended our pain and pains with manual therapy. Nurettin Sönmez aktör

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vycY-78F6DQ&t=12s Server Gözüaçık speaker

I came to  mr Oğuzhan  office on the recommendation of friends. Satisfied. I would recommend it to all friends who have back, neck, back pains. Mehmet Emin İnci aktör

Your waist and neck pains are your destiny. You can reach a solution with correct diagnosis and manual therapy.
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Helped thousands of people

Hüseyin Oğuzhan Söylemez rescued thousands of patients from his pain in his 15 year career.

Thanks to accurate and timely diagnosis, manual treatment and subsequent guidelines, thousands of people now lead a comfortable life.